The”new Luka Modric” comments on being linked to Liverpool

“The transfer will come by itself.”

Credit: GEPA

Red Bull Salzburg centre midfielder, Luka Sucic is flattered to be linked to Liverpool.

He was speaking to Sportse Novosti, a Croatian sports site, and was asked about reports linking him to The Reds.

In response, Susic said, “I also read some of those stories and that’s all I can tell you about that topic. Of course, I’m glad that I’m mentioned in that context, but I’m firmly on the ground, I’m not “flying” because of those stories and writings.

“When the time comes, we’ll see what happens, weigh what’s best for my career to continue. It is mine to play the best I can in the club and the national team, and then the transfer will come by itself”.

The interviewer then asked:

“Knowing the buying and selling policy of Red Bull Salzburg, we believe that they will sell you this summer…”

Susic then replied, “I also know that this is how things are done here, every summer there were sales of players, and I assume that the upcoming summer transfer window will be the same or similar.

“I really don’t know if my name will be found in that context, nor does it bother me. Let it be as it will be.”

Sucic is highly rated by the Liverpool hierarchy and would be a much cheaper option for Klopp than Bellingham or Rice.

He has been dubbed “the new Luka Modric” due to his technique and passing abilities as well as being Croatian.

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