Report: ‘Dortmund were keeping a close eye on Fernandez’s transfer’

Fall was writing for caughtoffside

Writing for this caughtoffside, column Christian Falk, has said that Dortmund were ‘keeping a close eye’ on Enzo Fernandez’s transfer and feel it is the benchmark for Jude Bellingham’s potential transfer.

Falk writes:

“We’ve mentioned already that in March there should be talks around Jude Bellingham,” he wrote.

“All sides were keeping a close eye on the deal for Enzo Fernández; certainly, Dortmund now feel they have a suitable benchmark for Bellingham thanks to the Chelsea transfer.

“Now they’re saying he won’t be cheaper. So Liverpool now know what they have to bring to the table – it shouldn’t be less than the transfer fee for Fernández.”

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