Why the Liverpool Vs Wolves match is not on UK TV tonight

Neither Sky Sports or BT Sport will be airing the Liverpool match tonight. Find out why.

liverpool fans watching liverpool on tv at bar
Credit: Getty Images

At 20:00 GMT, Liverpool play Wolves at Anfield. But if you’re in the UK, no TV channels are broadcasting the action.

The fixture should have been played on Saturday, September 10th, but was postponed because of the Queen’s passing.

As it was originally set to be a 3pm kick off on a Saturday, the match is technically subject to blackout rules,which prohibits Saturday 3pm matches being televised.

For Liverpool fans in the UK you’ll have to tune in the old fashioned way by listening to the radio. The good news is that highlights will be released on Sky Sports’ YouTube channel immediately after the match.

However, if you’re outside of the UK, you can watch the action live from the comfort of your own home.

For US Liverpool fans, you’re able to stream all the action on Peacock, whilst Canadians are able to watch the game on FuboTV.


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