Why Liverpool cannot join European Super League

Kaveh Solhekol outlined why teams including Liverpool cannot join the new proposed league.

Kaveh Solhekol has told Sky Sports why Liverpool cannot join the new European Super League. 

Solhekol compared the new league to ‘a bad smell that you can’t get rid of’.

He stated that A22 Sports is a new company essentially backed by Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

The chances of it happening are between “slim to none”, the Sky Sports reporter said

He spoke in detail on why English clubs, including Liverpool, could not join the new league.

The football journalist revealed that all Premier League owners have signed a new owners charter with the Premier League which states that all clubs are committed to the Premier League.

He specifically highlighted point 9, which states ‘we are collectively committed to the Premier League and recognise our responsibility to support it. We will not engage in the creation of new competition formats outside the Premier League’s rules.’

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