Steven Gerrard offers Mohamed Salah advice ahead of upcoming show

The two Liverpool legends talk about the iconic goals they have scored for the club.

Credit: Getty Images

In a brand new LFC original content, Steven Gerrard and Mo Salah discuss scoring goals.

The two Liverpool legends sit down and watch some of their most iconic goals for the club.

In total, Gerrard and Salah have netted 374 times for Liverpool.

The two also spoke about celebrations by the Liverpool fans for the trophies the club has won:

Gerrard told Salah to “cherish every moment”.

“I’ve never experienced something like the parade in my life,” says Salah. “It’s an experience I will never forget.”

Gerrard replies: “These are the best days of the fans’ lives. These are the moments they look back on.

“I wish I could go back now and play my first game for Liverpool because I loved it that much”.

“So cherish every moment, because it flies and it goes, and these are the best days of your life.”

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Here is a teaser for the show available o LFCGo from 5pm GMT Today:


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