(Video) Jamie Carragher defends Jordan Henderson after Liverpool’s 5-2 defeat to Real Madrid

The pundit believes Henderson has been mismanaged.

Credit: CBS Sports

Real Madrid won in historic fashion at Anfield last night when they defeated Liverpool 5-2 in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.

It was the first time Liverpool have conceded 5 goals at home in a European fixture.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher gave his thoughts on the horrendous defeat on CBS Sports.

Carragher touched on the topic of player in Liverpool’s squad that have received heavy criticism this season for the team’s patchy results and highlighted the case of Liverpool’s captain, Jordan Henderson.

“The one people mostly talk about is probably Jordan Henderson, he’s the captain. We all know that reinforcements are needed in midfield and that lad gets a bit of criticism from Liverpool fans – he shouldn’t.

“He’s come in at 21, his now 31/32 and he’s won everything, he’s lifted every trophy. The fact that he’s still having to play week-in, week-out means there’s been mismanagement off the pitch”.

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