Thiago admits quadruple bid has taken it’s toll

Thiago gave a frank account of Liverpool’s season so far.

Thiago has admitted that last season’s quadruple bid has affected Liverpool physically and psychologically.

Liverpool went close to claiming four major trophies last season and it is clear the campaign had a major impact on the side coming into this season.

Liverpool have failed to find the spark needed to kickstart the season after their warm weather training camp in Dubai.

The Reds have yet to record a Premier League win in 2023.

We are in a great position for Champions League and FA Cup,” Thiago told ESPN. “We are not in the position we want in the Premier League, but we are there.

“We are now in our reality where we have to go game by game. Try to add those three points will help us to be as high as possible. Our aim is the next game. It’s not about to be in the top four or to be in Europa League. We just think about next game.

“We have to be together as a team. It’s not just in the bad moments. In the good moments as well.

“For sure [last season’s finish affected us]. It’s not just about physical stuff. It’s also something psychological. We were so close to winning everything. We just touched it but it went away.

“Last season I had one of the greatest seasons I’ve had in my life. This season is not one of the best, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a season, it’s a challenge. I think we have great quality and great guys to sort it out and we will do that.”

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