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Sky Sports discuss likelihood of relegation for Manchester City and Chelsea for breaking FFP rules

Manchester City and Chelsea have come under scrutiny in the aftermath of Everton’s points deduction.

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Credit: Sky Sports

Manchester City and Chelsea are both under heavy scrutiny for alleged breaching of the Premier League’s financial rules.

Everton were deducted 10 points last week by the Premier League for financial rule breaches but attention has turned towards City in particular.

Earlier this year, Manchester City were charged with over 100 financial rule breaches.

Chelsea faced scrutiny of the same kind when Roman Abramovich was the owner of the club and were banned from making transfers for some time.

Everton will certainly be an interested party when the outcomes of the investigations into Manchester City and Chelsea are finalised.

Sky Sports’s Kaveh Solhekol has discussed the likelihood of relegation as a punishment for Manchester City and Chelsea for their alleged offences.

The journalist wrote:

“Speaking hypothetically, an independent commission would have the power to punish a club with relegation but we should make clear that Man City insist they have done nothing wrong, and Chelsea have not been charged with anything.

“Obviously, a punishment handed down to Everton for one rule breach has created a climate where people will be expecting harsher punishments for more serious rule breaches.

“The Man City case will be heard by a different panel and the case is totally different.

“They are the ones who will hear all the evidence and they’re the ones who will decide whether City are in breach of any rules and what form any potential punishment should take.

“I would emphasise again that the City case is completely different from Everton’s – and it goes back as far as 2009.”


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