Sir Martin Broughton provides update on Liverpool sale

Sir Martin Broughton spoke to ITV

Sir Martin Broughton has spoken to ITV in relation to the ongoing situations at Liverpool and Manchester United.

The former Liverpool chairman, who spent eight months at the club in 2010, sat down in an interview with ITV. He said talks stalled after the parties he spoke to seemed to be interested in a London club.

Broughton gave an interview to the Telegraph earlier this month.

“I did one or two inquiries with people that I thought might be interested but it didn’t go any further,” he said.

“So now I’m just looking at it with a keen interest.”

He revealed to ITV that he held initial talks.

“I was interested in seeing if anybody that I was already engaged with was interested but I haven’t taken it any further,” he told ITV.

“I’m not actively out there trying to recruit possible investors.

The people my son, Michael, and I spoke to were basically overseas billionaires and really they were ones which had a pad in London, would frequently visit London.

“I had a word with some of those to see if there was any interest in Liverpool but, for them, if they had a pad in London why would they want to buy Manchester United or Liverpool?

The location of the club was an important factor Broughton said.

“For them it was very much location. That’s not to say there aren’t buyers… Fenway Group were happy with it… but there is a certain type of buyer that is focused on London.”

He was asked about Manchester United’s £6BN valuation.

“I doubt they’ll get that,” he said. “I would be very surprised if Sir Jim Ratcliffe came up with that amount.

“He’d be keen to buy but there’s still a lot of investment that you would need to make at Old Trafford on top of that asking price.

“I think they can both (Manchester United and Liverpool) get fancy prices, but not that high.”

Liverpool have been reportedly valued at £4BN.

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