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Roberto Firmino’s father passes away during trip to Dubai

The Brazilian’s father unfortunately passed away over the weekend.

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Image Credits: Getty Images

The 62-year-old father of former Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino passed away in Dubai following a heart attack.

Taking advantage of the present international break, Jose Roberto Cordeiro de Oliveira had traveled to the Middle East for a family vacation with Firmino and his other relatives.

Roberto Firmino’s wife, Larissa, said that her husband’s father passed away in his sleep on November 18 – after suffering from ‘tiredness and a cough.

Writing on Instagram, Larissa penned a heartfelt goodbye to Firmino Sr. – with an excerpt of reading:

“Our plans were for us to have our first family trip together. Every year we received a visit from our parents, but we wanted quality time, an affectionate memory to last forever.”

“My God, it’s so hard to digest it all! Our hearts are so grateful for the opportunity to say such a beautiful farewell, but because of it, the pain is even greater.”

“Bureaucracies, uncertainties, make the days longer. Seeing the suffering of my mother-in-law, Roberto and my sister-in-law crushes my heart, I wanted to take this pain away from them.”

“My God, what strong and sensitive people, with each breath a despair and with each despair a breath of let’s rise again because we trust in our God.”

“I learn so much from them. We wanted more! Our plans were for us to return to Arabia together so that we could present our new life to our parents.”

“And now our plans are one day at a time, learning to live with longing.”

“Thank you, my father-in-law, thank you crazy for every moment together. See you soon!”

It is believed that Firmino’s parents were anticipating a move to Saudi Arabia to follow their son’s football journey.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Bobby and the entire Firmino family in this challenging and difficult time.

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