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REVEALED: The top 10 wage bills in Europe

Sportune in France shared the news.

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French sports and business website Sportune have revealed the clubs with the highest wage bills in Europe.

According to the site, Liverpool paid €434m on wages last season. Only three clubs spent more on wages.

Liverpool turned over €701m last season but have a net spend of just £66m in 2022/2023 according to Twitter user @BlueCityBrain.

The full list is below:

1) PSG = €728m

2) Real Madrid = €519m

3) FC Barcelona = €466m

4) Man Utd = €454m

5) Liverpool = €434m

6) Man City = €418m

7) Chelsea = €403m

8) Juventus = €336m

9) Bayern = €324m

10) Atlético = €265m

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