REVEALED: The top 10 wage bills in Europe

Sportune in France shared the news.

French sports and business website Sportune have revealed the clubs with the highest wage bills in Europe.

According to the site, Liverpool paid €434m on wages last season. Only three clubs spent more on wages.

Liverpool turned over €701m last season but have a net spend of just £66m in 2022/2023 according to Twitter user @BlueCityBrain.

The full list is below:

1) PSG = €728m

2) Real Madrid = €519m

3) FC Barcelona = €466m

4) Man Utd = €454m

5) Liverpool = €434m

6) Man City = €418m

7) Chelsea = €403m

8) Juventus = €336m

9) Bayern = €324m

10) Atlético = €265m

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