REPORT: Liverpool to implement big change in pre-season preparation this summer

Liverpool are hoping to rectify some fitness issues suffered by the squad this year.


Liverpool are set to change their pre-season plans this summer in order to address perceived fitness and injury issues that have plauged the team this season.

David Lynch for Football Insider reported the news today. Last summer, Liverpool embarked on a commercial tour of Asia, playing in Thailand and Singapore before flying to Austria.

Jurgen Klopp wants to instead delay the commercial aspect of pre-season and instead begin preparations with a European training camp.

Some in Liverpool believe that beginning the last pre-season with commercial commitments and long flights took valuable time that could have been spent building up the team’s fitness.

Klopp wants to do everything possible to ensure his team is completely match-fit before the season begins and to limit injuries in anyway he can.

The report quotes Klopp’s comments surrounding the Asian pre-season and how it may have negatively impacted his team’s preparations.

“Would I do anything differently? I wouldn’t go, in the first week, to Asia.

“Not because Asia is not great, but I would go to Asia in the third week, or something like that, but it was not in really in our hands.”

Liverpool will hope to avoid the plethora of injuries suffered this year by putting in the hard yards in a European fitness and training camp before the planned trip to Asia.


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