Referee chief criticises refereeing in Liverpool vs Manchester United game

The story was shared by The Times.

Hector Vivas - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Pierluigi Collina, now head of referee’s at FIFA, has criticised Andy Madley for not adding on enough time at the end of Liverpool’s 7-0 hammering of Manchester United.

However, the Italian suggested that a “mercy rule” may be looked at in the future.

Collina suggested that enough time was not added as Madley may have shown Manchester United some mercy.

As we know, goal difference can play a crucial role in the outcome of standings in the Premier League come May.

The story was initially shared by The Times.

“Last weekend, ten matches were played in the Premier League and four matches exceeded 100 minutes [in total].

Two of them should have been higher than this only because they were 7-0 and 4-0 [Brighton v West Ham United] and the referee probably decided not to consider the additional time be given accurately.

“Six goals were scored in the second half [at Anfield]. I can understand that giving quite a relevant amount of additional time when it is 7-0 is difficult to understand in this specific match. But if the regulations of the competition say that the entire goal difference is relevant for the ranking at the end even one goal scored or not scored can make the difference.”

Liverpool are just one goal ahead of Newcastle on goal difference and it is a fair assumption that Liverpool could have scored more goals on Saturday if they game continued.

“Maybe in the future we may consider to say that additional time has not to be given at the end of the match if there is a difference bigger than X goals between the two teams, but that would be in the laws of the game,” Collina added.

Now it is common sense — but common sense is not common sense if it affects someone. In Spain v Costa Rica at the World Cup, Spain were leading 6-0 and eight minutes of additional time were given.

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