Real Madrid boss reveals plans for Liverpool clash, admitting first leg result creates ‘doubts’ for his side

Both teams will not hold back in this contest.

Carlo Ancelotti has laid out his plans when his side competes for a quarter-final spot on this Champions League campaign.

His Real Madrid side are in the driving seat, however, as they picked the Reds apart after going down by two goals in the opening 20 minutes of the fixture.

The Italian boss is aware of Liverpool’s dominance in Europe and their ability to draw back from a heavy defeat, as he witnessed this first hand in the 2005 final in Instanbul.

Los Blancos’ manager Ancelotti has claimed he has ‘doubts’ over the second leg, despite having a three-goal cushion, claiming Liverpool have the easier game.

“Mentally, the game tomorrow is more complicated for us than Liverpool,” he told reporters. “Liverpool have to come full-on, to get the best they can from the first minute to the last, no matter what happens.

“The first leg result creates doubts in us in that sense. We will try to be at our best from the first minute, but it is inevitable that we have more doubts than our opponents.

Ancelotti vowed to fans that his Bernabeu-based side would fight fire with fire and look to gain a further advantage by piling more goals on the travelling Liverpool side.

“The message is quite simple: there are no calculations,” the Italian added. We have to play the best way we can. Our idea is not to calculate, but to repeat the open match that we had in the first game.

“We certainly won’t play thinking that we have an advantage in the score. It will be open and we want to play our best attacking football.

“Liverpool will come here and try to turn the tie around. We don’t only think of defending. No, we think more about attacking.”

Jurgen Klopp must remain wary that Ancelotti is using a smokescreen tactic to fill the Liverpool team with hope, just for Real Madrid to play as they did three weeks prior.

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