Pep Lijnders reveals how he and Jurgen Klopp revived the Liverpool squad this season

Pep Lijnders has attributed Liverpool’s strong season to a whole host of factors including recruitment and new leadership.

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Pep Lijnders has recently revealed why he thinks Liverpool have enjoyed such a good season so far.

The Reds finished the 2022/23 season in 5th place having had one of, if not the most, flattest season under Jurgen Klopp to date.

Fans and pundits alike did not really know what to expect from Liverpool at the beginning of this season.

Fast-forward to January 2024, and the Reds still in four competitions with a Premier League triumph looking a distinct possibility.

There is now renewed buzz and sense of optimism around the Anfield club, and there is a real chance for the Liverpool squad to do something special this year.

What did Pep Lijnders say about the Liverpool revival?

When asked about how Jurgen Klopp turned around the fortunes of the Reds squad this season, the assistant manager said (via The Guardian):

“There is not a good manager without a good ownership.”

“The ownership invested in the squad where we needed to invest and that’s a really good sign.”

“You bring energy, power, talent, young players and that energises the manager and the coaching staff because you are working with new players, and you have to explain the idea again.”

“So that’s one thing.”

The Dutchman then went on to highlight how he and the coaching staff ‘drew a line’ under the disappointment of last season:

“The second thing, and probably the most important, is we really drew a line before pre-season started.”

“I said as a joke that if anyone was negative in this building I would punch them in the face.”

“I said that to every single one of them. Just to make sure that we didn’t carry anything over.”

New leadership group

Finally, Pep Lijnders hailed the impact that new leaders in Salah, van Dijk and Alexander-Arnold exhibited in a crucial period of upheaval and change:

“Then pre-season starts and we had all the players available for a long time.”

“A lot of key players went, seniors who were always the leaders, so new players had to step up – Mo Salah, Virgil, Alisson, Trent.”

“And they did, they show, and then you can start training three times a day, which we didn’t do before.

“There was a voice in their head saying: ‘We want to be successful and so we have to go through this.’”

“These things help, these things are crucial, but then you have to have success.”

“You need to win games when you think that maybe you are not going to win them.”

“That’s why Newcastle away was a massive one. That creates momentum. In the right moments the team really stepped up.” 

In other news, Tottenham Hotspur are expected to join race alongside Liverpool for Middlesbrough starlet Hayden Hackney.

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