Pep Guardiola to leave if Man City found guilty of FFP rule break?

Old comments have resurfaced that might haunt Guardiola and Man City

Image Credits: Reuters

Old comments have resurfaced that Pep Guardiola made last year when he said that he would leave if he found out that the club lied to him about their financial fair play approach.

Manchester City had previously been investigated by UEFA for potentially breaching FFP rules. At the end of that particular investigation, Guardiola was asked by journalists why he felt comfortable defending the way in which Man City dealt with the manner.

Guardiola said, “Why did I defend the club and the people? It’s because I work with them.

“When they are accused of something I ask them, ‘Tell me about that’. They explain and I believe them. I said to them, ‘If you lie to me, the day after I am not here.’ I will be out and I will not be your friend anymore.

“I put my faith in you because I believe you 100 per cent from day one and I defend the club because of that.”

With news coming out that Manchester City have been charged with numerous financial rules breaches, the world is now resharing these comments and asking whether Guardiola will now walk away.

Many social media commentators believe that there’s a chance that Guardiola will stick to his words as it seems incredibly unlikely that Manchester City will be able to explain away the current breaches.

Even ex-players are jumping in. Liverpool’s former central defender and current Sky Sports present Jamie Carragher has reacted sarcastically to the news in what’s clearly a dig at the idea that Man City were ever going to be compliant when you compare their revenue to the big European clubs such as Man Utd, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

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