Pep Guardiola on his future

Guardiola was speaking ahead of the Aston Villa.

Pep Guardiola spoke to the media today ahead of Manchester City’s game with Aston Villa on Sunday.

Guardiola signalled his intention to stay at the club.

“I am not moving from this seat, I want to stay. More than ever, I’m sure”, he said.

“They did not lie to me. Look what happened with UEFA, we did not do anything wrong. Why should I not trust my people?”

I’m fully convinced that we will be innocent — and then what will happen next? Will we stop now? Since Abu Dhabi took over the club, it’s been like that.

Between 19 Premier League teams or the words of my people, I rely on the words of my people.”

“Hopefully the reason why they are going to sack me out of here is because of the results!”

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