One of the best parts of the “When Stevie Met Salah” interview

The two Liverpool legends sat down and watched some of Liverpool’s most iconic goals.

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Liverpool legends Mo Salah and Steven Gerrard sat down for a candid chat about all things Liverpool.

It was released on LFCTV yesterday at 5pm GMT.

They watched iconic goals together and gave their opinions on each one.

One of the goals, Salah’s penalty in the first minute against Spurs in Champions League final was a particular highlight.

“I don’t want to lie, I changed my mind at the last second before hitting the ball,” Salah said.

“I was practising the whole week in the other side and in the last second as I was running to the ball I changed my mind because I scored too many goals there…”

“I was so mad because I don’t have to do it [change my mind] in a big game like that!”

“Every time I decide before [and] I speak with Millie a lot. We always talk about pens and I just decide before ‘I am going this side’ and I keep doing it, but this one I changed my mind.”

Gerrard replied:

“That was a special goal for me as well because I was at the game as a fan, I wasn’t doing the TV,”

“I just went as a fan to enjoy it, the club invited me, and that goal made Kenny Dalglish cry. So always remember that, you made the King cry – the King made the King cry!”

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