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Michael Edwards spotted at Premier League game this weekend

Could this be a sign of things to come?

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Credit: Getty Images

Former Liverpool director of football Michael Edwards was spotted at Manchester United’s 3-1 home defeat to Brighton at the weekend.

Edwards has been out of the game since leaving Liverpool last summer but is reportedly preparing to return to the sport.

The People’s Person reports that Edwards has been linked to jobs at Chelsea and Manchester United since leaving Anfield, with his presence at Old Trafford at weekend adding further speculation to the links.

The same outlet reported last year that Manchester United were close to agreeing a deal to being Edward to the club.

Edward garnered a reputation as seriously efficient in the transfer market, usually signing excellent players for cheap prices and selling fringe players for good money.

Manchester United’s recruitment has been very poor for years and Edward would be their dream candidate to take over as sporting director at the club.

Whether Edwards’s presence at the game is a sign of things to come remains to been.

Edwards’s attendance at the game was confirmed by The Telegraph’.

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