Mayor of Liverpool pens letter of frustration to Premier League chief regarding Everton punishment

The Toffees were found guilty of violating the Premier League’s profit and sustainability regulations last week.

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The mayor of Liverpool, Steve Rotheram, has penned a letter of frustration to the Premier League regarding Everton’s charges.

Late last week, The Toffees were found guilty of violating the Premier League’s profit and sustainability regulations.

It comes after Everton was sent to an independent commission about a suspected violation concerning 2021–2022.

As a result of the commission’s findings, the Toffees were docked 10 points and were demoted to 19th place – only above Burnely on goal difference.

In a letter to Premier League chief executive Richard Masters, Mr Rotheram detailed a passionate plea for propionate punishment:

“I am writing to express my deep concern and opposition to today’s decision by the Premier League Panel to deduct 10 points from Everton Football Club,” he wrote in a letter seen by Mail Sport.

“The sanction imposed is not only unprecedented but a wholly disproportionate one too.”

“While I understand, and indeed support, the importance of maintaining discipline and upholding the integrity of the sport, it is crucial to ensure that any punitive measures are proportionate and just.”

“I do not believe that this punishment fits the crime.”

The mayor of Liverpool then went on to detail how some of Everton’s pitfalls have been out of their control:

“The decision to deduct 10 points from Everton is excessive considering the club’s willingness and proactivity in collaborating with the Premier League to ensure all dealings were FFP compliant when it was clear they were close to breaching the rules.”

Steve Rotheram has appealed to the powers at be to exercise some empathy and understanding regarding Everton’s plight. Getty Images.

‘There are a number of mitigating factors in Everton’s transgression in relation to debt ceilings that are in effect geo-political and therefore outside of their control.”

Finally, Mr. Rotheram put forward a compelling case comparing Everton’s and Portsmouth’s punishments for a similar scenario:

“In 2010, when Portsmouth entered administration, a case of serious mismanagement, they were hit with only a 9-point penalty.”

“For falling into administration, a second time in three years, in 2012, they faced a 10-point deduction.”

“The implication that Everton’s actions are somehow are more egregious is frankly, ludicrous.”

“I completely support the club’s appeal and would urge you to take a more balanced approach and consider alternative forms of punishment that do not unfairly penalise the club’s players and supporters.”

“As a founding member of both the Football League and Premier League, Everton are an important part of the fabric of English football. They deserve to be treated fairly, justly and with respect.”

Even though Everton are Liverpool’s rivals, the two sides are united in history, tradition, and belonging.

The Merseyside derby is a staple of the English game.

It is the longest running top-flight derby in England, and the match has been played continuously since the 1962-63 season.

Many Liverpool fans will no doubt be unhappy with the treatment that their fellow Merseyside neighbors have received, and Mr. Rotheram’s letter may unite the two sets of fanbases.

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