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Liverpool write to Luton Town regarding inappropriate chanting during 1-1 draw

The FA released a statement on the chanting earlier today.

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Liverpool have written to Luton Town concerning tragedy chanting that was heard during the 1-1 draw between the two clubs on Sunday.

The Times and The Athletic’s James Pearce both reported the news that Liverpool have written to Luton about the chanting.

Liverpool have enquired as to the use of the PA system and stewarding in the ground. The Merseyside club enquired also as to why sufficient steps were not taken to end the chanting during the game.

The FA released a statement on the chanting, which read;

“The Premier League condemns the tragedy-related chanting heard at yesterday’s match between Luton Town and Liverpool.

“We continue to treat this as an unacceptable issue and are committed to addressing it as a priority. Those found guilty of tragedy-related abuse face an automatic club ban and will be referred to the police.”

Liverpool have appealed to clubs and the Premier League on several occasions to enforce stricter means to put an end to the disrespectful chanting.

An excerpt from Luton Town’s statement on the chanting said;

“While we do not wish to dampen the atmosphere at our home ground in any way, we are extremely disappointed that a small number of supporters soured the occasion with chants that may be interpreted as being in relation to tragedies that have affected Liverpool FC in the past.

“The Club condemns any kind of chanting that knowingly seeks to divide, and our safety and security team launched an internal investigation at the earliest opportunity.”




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