Liverpool release statement over pitch invader

Liverpool FC have released a statement

Liverpool 7-0 annialation was briefly marred by a pitch invader during yesterday’s game at Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp was clearly unimpressed with the pitch invaders antics and today Liverpool have released a statement in relation to the pitch invader.

The statement reads:

“Liverpool FC has begun an immediate investigation to identify and ban the individual pitch runner from Sunday’s Premier League fixture against Manchester United at Anfield.


The offender ran onto the pitch and collided with Liverpool players, risking injury, as they celebrated the seventh goal in front of the Main Stand.


There is no excuse for this unacceptable and dangerous behaviour. The safety and security of players, colleagues and supporters is paramount.


The club will now follow its formal sanctions process and has suspended the alleged offender’s account until the process is complete. If found guilty of the offence of entering the pitch without permission, the offender could face a criminal record and a lifetime ban from Anfield and all Premier League stadiums.


These acts are dangerous, illegal and have severe consequences.”

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