‘Liverpool have got new owners coming in’

Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville had claimed that Liverpool have got new owners coming in.

Gary Neville Podcast.
Gary Neville on the Gary Neville Podcast. Credit: Sky Sports.

Speaking on Sky Sports, on the Gary Neville Podcast, pundit Gary Neville intimated that Liverpool were close to having new owners come in to either partially or completely replace current owners FSG.

After this weekend’s 3-0 defeat against Brighton, Liverpool have never looked more in need of a complete midfield revamp. Not only did Jamie Carragher suggest Liverpool desperately a new midfield if they are looking to challenge for the title, let alone a top-four battle, but Gary Neville has also now suggested Liverpool will need “200 or 250 million” to mount a realistic top-four charge.

Comparing Jurgen Klopp’s predicament to Graham Potter’s Chelsea, Neville suggested that whoever Liverpool’s new owners could be, they would have to offer at least a few hundred million in the form of a transfer war chest, in addition to the billions it will take to buy the club, to Klopp for him to have a real chance at maintaining Liverpool’s form over the past few years.

Neville also rubbished claims of Klopp possibly leaving Liverpool or being sacked as he highlighted Klopp’s and Liverpool’s transfer committee’s past successes in the transfer market, “Liverpool have got new owners coming in. If Jurgen Klopp can get £250m from new owners and he spends it wisely as he has over the last 7 years, he’s going to be empowered to transform that team. I don’t see him thinking ‘this is the end’.”

While most Liverpool fans wouldn’t be quick to agree with the ex-Manchester United right back, they will absolutely agree with his sentiment that with the right financial backing, Klopp can revitalize and revamp this Liverpool squad.

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