VIDEO: Liverpool fan Will Hughes seen gesturing the number 6 towards Manchester United fans

The video captured in aftermath of Casemiro’s red card in game against Crystal Palace

Will Hughes was seen ‘shushing’ Manchester United fans yesterday after Casemiro was sent off after putting his two hands around Hughes’ neck yesterday. It was a deserved red card.

Hughes then gestured the number 6 towards the United fans, although unconfirmed it is believed to be a reference to Liverpool’s six European Cup trophies.

“I used to go quite a bit to watch them when I was younger and an academy player but obviously it’s a lot more difficult nowadays,” Hughes told The Express in 2016.

“That was Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Fernando Torres and Gerrard in their prime. It wasn’t a bad team.

“Why Liverpool? I couldn’t really tell you. They were just the team I followed growing up so you can’t say I was a glory supporter because they weren’t very successful in that period.

“I just had an admiration for them and followed them ever since.”

He added: “Steven Gerrard, with the way he played, the way he went about his game and his demeanour was my favourite player growing up and I followed him quite closely.”

Video via @strettyend tiktok


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