Liverpool face even more competition for young talent

Liverpool may look to sign the young talent as soon as possible.

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Recently Liverpool have been looking at the possibility of signing a young Swedish talent by the name of Momodou Sonko who is at BK Hacken.

The young winger has been impressive for the Swedish side in the last 12 months as they finished third in the Allsvenkan and he has even spoken about his future in recent days.

He stated that his friends are pushing him to make a decision but he is remaining calm about his future as he revealed his agent is the one who will be dealing with things that may happen.

Liverpool are one of many clubs across Europe reportedly wanting to sign Sonko and mould him into one of their future stars.

Sonko was asked about the leagues in Holland and Belgium compared to Spain and England when he was interviewed due to the fact Anderlecht, Club Brugge, PSV and Ajax have also shown their interest in him.

Now there is another set of clubs who are keeping a close eye on the proceedings surrounding him.

City Football Group want to sign Momodou Sonko

According to a recent report on Sonko’s future an institution of football clubs rather than just one are wanting to sign him.

The City Football Group, who are renowned for being the owners of Manchester City, want to sign him.

It is a slightly unusual rumour as the City Football Group own several football clubs around the globe so if Sonko were to join he wouldn’t be joining an actual club right away as they would wait to see what side would be best suited to him.

This happened recently as the City Football Group signed Mexican youngster Alex Alcala after he impressed in several tournaments.

However they are unlikely to have a free run at Sonko as the recent report stated that Liverpool are in talks with his representatives as are many others.

As well as them the Red Bull Group are also interested in signing him which could be good news for Liverpool as they have such a good relationship with them as they’ve signed many players who used to be amongst their ranks.

Italian side Bologna are also the newest name to be linked with Sonko as it seems almost the entirety of Europe are alerted to the young attackers rise out of nowhere in Sweden.

At this stage though supposedly there has been no bids for the 18-year-old but several clubs are in the process of readying an offer for his services.

Liverpool could have an advantage in the race to sign him though as he was on trial at the club back in 2017 and he spent some time in the clubs academy.

He has recently signed a new contract with his current club however that is not meant to change anything regarding the fact that he could be allowed to leave during this window.

BK Hacken don’t have a competitive game until March which is when their season starts so it may be the best time for Sonko to leave.

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