Liverpool announce club record revenue

Liverpool revenue is the third highest in the world behind Manchester City and Real Madrid.

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Liverpool have today announced they have a club record revenue of £594 million while they have also recorded a pre-tax profit of £7.5m.

Their revenue rose by £107 million to £594 million which was an increase of 22%, a fee that has only been better by Manchester City and Real Madrid.

Liverpool’s media revenue did fall by £5m and is now at £261m which is still the highest amongst Liverpool’s rivals in the league as they were able to progress to the final of all three major competitions and compete for the league title until the final day of the season.

They were also able to record the third highest matchday revenue with £86m which has put them behind Tottenham and Manchester United.

Liverpool also finds themselves with the third highest commercial revenue in the league, they have earned £247m which places them behind Manchester United and Manchester City.

Summary of the financial period, 

Covers the first full season post-pandemic

Media revenue fell by £5m to £261m

Matchday revenue rose by £83m to £86m

Commercial revenue rose by £29m to £247m

Administrative costs rose by £69m to £545m

Overall revenue rose by £107m to £594m

Profit before tax was £7.5m

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