Leeds forward claims Liverpool defender is better than Ruben Dias

Gnonto was pretty straightforward in his answer.

Image Credits: Getty Images.

Leeds prospect Willy Gnonto has stated that he prefers Liverpool’s man mountain Virgil van Dijk over Manchester City star Ruben Dias.

The 19-year-old appeared on the Premier League’s YouTube channel to pick his ultimate FIFA team, and spoke about the challenges he faced playing against van Dijk.

When asked to pick between the two defenders, he seemed to know the answer straight off the bat.

“I would probably say Van Dijk [over Ruben Dias],” Gnonto replied. “I haven’t played against Ruben Dias, so I can’t say [who is better in real life]. I’m lucky, I can’t say anything. But Van Dijk is incredible. He’s strong, he’s big, he’s fast as well, good on the ball.”

It’s probably fair to say that this season has been one to forget for the Liverpool squad, not least van Dijk.

However, Manchester City’s centre-back has also shown a plateau in performance and has seemingly slipped down Pep’s pecking order.

Granted, Guardiola’s centre-back cluster is out of this world, but his irregularity of game time means that van Dijk towers above the Portugal international in terms of defensive dominance.

The 31-year-old has earned a cemented place in Klopp’s team and has been widely regarded as one of the best central defenders in modern football.

This interview shows that, despite a dip in form, van Dijk is still feared by Premier League forwards and has all the attributes to continue his illustrious career at Liverpool.

I mean, Gnonto has played against them both, so is in a better position to answer who is the tougher opponent.

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