Klopp: ‘We cannot play monopoly money’

Klopp spoke to the media ahead of the Brentford game.

Jurgen Klopp spoke to the media before Liverpool’s game with Brentford and reiterated that Liverpool have spending limits and said ‘we cannot play monopoly money’.

Klopp gave reasons why Liverpool signed Gakpo and stated it was ‘obvious’ why Liverpool signed him.

On the transfer window Klopp had the following to say:

“What I don’t understand. I’m now here seven years and two or three months. Every transfer window is the same. We talk about these kinds of things as if money wouldn’t play a role. ‘Who cares?’. It’s like we didn’t have a team.

But it was never like this that you’ve just spend money. And now when I say I don’t want to disappoint anybody and dreams, but we signed an outstanding player like Cody Gakpo and the next thing you can read ‘Who next?’.

We cannot play like monopoly, never did and I don’t understand that. So of course, we cannot just spend and never could surprisingly. Um, and

we always thought our our situations and it’s a big part of my philosophy really working full of faith and trust with the players who have and not constantly questioning them by telling them that we need another player for that or that position. I think with Cody and it’s obvious and not only because we have that void now the quality has the timing is perfect.

If we would have waited until the summer, it would have been definitely even more expensive or somebody else will have picked him. So as a lot of potential it makes absolutely sense. With the with the games will have in the next years it is games will not get less much. We will have more games and and all these kind of things.

It’s clear that you need to real quality in all positions and probably two teams with the same level if you want that, you can rotate and these kind of things. That’s what we try to prepare or perceive. That somebody surprised when I say that we will not just start ‘splashing the cash’.

And we never did I know it anyway.

Again if there’s something we can do and that was always the case and that means right player and financial Situation. We will do it, and if not, then not.”

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