Klopp on Cody Gakpo: “You could see the warmth in his smile”

Klopp is clearly impressed with Gakpo as a player and a person

Credit: Liverpool FC

Jurgen Klopp was asked about what conversations he had with Cody Gakpo prior to his arrival to Liverpool.

The Liverpool coach was asked if he met Cody Gakpo face-to-face as he did with Gini Wijnaldum before he signed.

On being asked if a player’s personality is important to him, “It is very important to me, absolutely”, Klopp added

Klopp recalled having a meeting with Gini Wijnaldum at his house prior to his arrival at Anfield.

“Gini was in my house, it was not possible with Cody.  We had a phone call, a long conversation when we were allowed to do that. That’s obviously slightly different (than face-to-face). When you sit together in a room, alone, the conversation is different. It was not possible in this case. All the things you can know about Cody is you describe him as a very very good person. Born and bred Eindhoven, years and years, going through all the ranks. Becoming captain at 22-23. He has perfect English, it makes the conversation easier. You can see the warmth in his smile.”

“We had information from Virgil too, as a person. There were no doubts at all. Very happy with the signing, very, very.”

“Cody never asked (about Champions League qualification). It happens with players from time-to-time (players asking if we will qualify for the Champions League). There were easier moments to join Liverpool. Cody doesn’t want to jump on a running train he wants to push the train.”

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