Klopp offers his opinion on Gary Lineker debacle

Klopp was not afraid to speak his mind on the situation.

Credit: Getty Images

Jurgen Klopp offered an opinion on the current Gary Lineker debacle and said he could see no reason why the match of the day presenter should be asked to step down, as quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

“They asked him to step down for the things he said?” said Klopp. “So my problem with the situation how I understand it – and I’m not native – is that I cannot see any reason why they would ask anyone to step back for saying that. I can’t. I’m not sure if that’s a language issue or not.

He went on to say we live in a difficult world.

“But that’s the world we are living in. Everybody is so concerned about doing things in the right manner, saying the right stuff to everybody, and if you don’t do that you create a s***storm which we didn’t have when we were young. It’s a really difficult world to live in.

“If I understand it right then this is about an opinion about human rights. That should be possible to say.”

Someone of Klopp’s profile defending Lineker’s right to have an opinion is a powerful vote of support for the MOTD pundit. Many important figures in the football world have come out in support of Lineker, including fellow pundits Ian Wright, Alan Shearer and Gary Neville.


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