Klopp compares Núñez with Lewandowski

Núñez’s swashbuckling style has caused defenders real difficulties in dealing with his pace, power, and strength.

Jurgen Klopp believes Darwin Núñez can immolate Robert Lewandowski as the Uruguayan looks to put his mark on the Premier League.

Núñez’s swashbuckling style has caused defenders real difficulties in dealing with his pace, power, and strength. However, so far we have yet to see his killer instinct in front of goal.

Núñez was involved in creating two goals in the past two games but in truth he could have scored four or five.

Once he finds his form in front of goal Liverpool fans will feel the floodgates may open.

We were reminded of Luis Suarez’s conversion rate in his first season this week by football writer Andrew Beasley.

Suarez’s conversion rate more than doubled to 53% in his second season at Anfield as pointed out by Andrew Beasley. He has gone on to be one of the most prolific strikers the game has seen.

Now Jurgen Klopp has pointed out similarities between Nunez and Lewandowski, as reported by The Times, in his pre-match press conference ahead of Liverpool and Leicester City.

“Going back to that time, I was sitting in a press conference and when I started playing Lewandowski, journalists asked me why [Lucas] Barrios was not playing,” Jurgen Klopp told reporters.

“Barrios had scored 16 goals that season and was the No 9 in our team. So Lewi started playing in different positions to adapt to different things, [and he] didn’t like it too much. The Polish journalists were not too friendly with me because he didn’t play No 9. He played in a 4-2-3-1 at No 10. I thought at that time it made absolute sense to develop his game. There are a lot of similarities to be honest (with Núñez).

“Yes, I think Lewi would tell the same story. We had shooting sessions where he didn’t finish off one. We had bets all the time for €10. If you score more than ten times I will pay you €10, if you don’t you have to pay me. My pocket was full of money.

It’s so difficult in the world we are living in. I think we all agree that the potential [of Núñez] is so obvious. Yes. Is everything right? No. I think it’s clear when you see the second chance, the big chance in the second half [at Villa] he can run a little bit on an angle and then he has a free choice.

But it is all coming. You do it like this, the next time you do it like that. I had this situation with Lewi but it is not only Lewi. He is the obvious comparison, I understand.

It’s not only with him. It’s just about staying calm and I am super calm. The team is calm as well, the team is completely convinced and that’s really cool.

Let’s hope we all, him included, stay healthy and then everything will be fine.”

Darwin Núñez is again expected to lead the line for Liverpool tonight when Leicester City visit Anfield.

Cody Gakpo is not eligible to play until after January 1st. The duo could be unleashed together on January 7th when Liverpool face Wolves in the FA Cup.

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