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Jurgen Klopp’s response to finding out Liverpool have gone the longest without a penalty in the Premier League

Liverpool boss gives his response to strange Premier League statistic.

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Image Credits: Youtube, Liverpool FC

Jurgen Klopp’s reaction was a picture when he was presented with a statistic that Liverpool have gone the longest out of the Premier League teams to not be awarded a penalty, with their last coming against Watford in April.

When asked whether he found it strange his team have not been awarded a penalty in so long, he comically responded: “Yeah.”

His response was met with laughter amongst the reporters.

The German boss decided to flip the question into a positive and focus the statistics on what Liverpool have been doing well this season.

“With all the bad stats we have this year, until last week or two weeks ago, we still have second most possession, second most shots on goal, second most shots in general,” Klopp stated.

“We stats wise are still really up there. So we are very often in the opposition box. I have no clue how that can happen, but it happens.” he added.

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