Jurgen Klopp’s close friend David Wagner reacts to his decision

David Wagner has been friends with Jurgen Klopp for a while.

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Jurgen Klopp announced that after nine years in charge he would stepping down as Liverpool manager two years before his contract was up.

After a busy summer window signing several new players and a season which has so far almost been flawless many thought this would be a reason for Klopp to possibly even extend his deal but he has to put to bed any possible rumours after the club released a video on social media of him explaining why he has made the decision.

There has been reaction all over the world due to just how big of a decision it is which nobody saw coming.

Plenty of managers have had their say on the news about Klopp but now one of his closest friends, David Wagner, has reacted to Klopp’s statement ahead of his clash against him on Sunday in the FA Cup fourth round.

Norwich City boss David Wagner gives his thoughts on Jurgen Klopp

The former Huddersfield Town manager has came up against Klopp on several occasions throughout their career.

Speaking about the situation he said: “I wasn’t surprised, but when he told me, I was happy for him.

”I know how hard and difficult this decision was and is.

“It shows a lot of personality, character and bravery to make this decision, but I think only he knows what is best for him.

“We both know how exhausting and challenging this business can be – nobody has more understanding of this decision than I do.

”If he knows that it is the best for him, then I’m happy for him. He will have a great time ahead of him for sure.

”Nobody should underestimate that he has been in this job for 22 or 23 years with only three months in between Dortmund and Liverpool where he had a very short break.

”There were not a lot of football clubs where he was open to shortening his break, but Liverpool was one of them. In every business, when you work for 25 years, there is a moment when you feel it, even if you enjoy it.

“At the highest level, it is unbelievable – not just the success but the consistency. The best thing for me, and only the people who know him well and very closely can judge this, is that he is still the same person he was 35 years ago. That is extraordinary.”

Then Wagner spoke about his sides task of facing Liverpool on Sunday, he said: “This is one of the occasions where you like to be involved if you are a football player.

“It is a difficult task with the news today, but to be the first one that he faces on his goodbye tour makes it even bigger.”

Even though Wagner is close with Klopp he would love nothing more than to carry on a cup dream with his Norwich City squad and Klopp will know that more than anyone so he will get his squad as prepared as possible as they chase another major honour.

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