Jurgen Klopp: “We have no doubt that we can do it again”

The boss sent a powerful message to supporters during a difficult run of results.

Credit: Getty Images

Jurgen Klopp spoke in today’s matchday programme ahead the Premier League fixture against Wolves.

Liverpool need to bounce back from their 5-2 defeat in the Champions League against Real Madrid and subsequent goalless draw against Crystal Palace.

The Reds’ boss had a clear message for supporters during what is an inconsistent run of results.

“People do not always believe managers when we say that every game we play in the Premier League is difficult, but it is true. I did not want to draw [against Palace] and as always a victory would have made us feel so much better.

“Were there things we needed to improve on? Absolutely. But there were also parts of our performance that really pleased me, so now we have to use the knowledge that we have gained from both situations and put it to our advantage against another opponent that we now from experience will give us a proper test.

Klopp continued on, addressing the importance of unity between players, coaches, staff and supporters during this difficult.

“This is football. This is how it is when results don’t flow as easily as they have before and all the different things still have to come together on a consistent basis.

“That is for us to deal with, though. We have done it before and no doubt will have to do it again. But the one thing that should give us strength, more than anything else, is that we get to do it together whether we are coaches, players, staff or supporters. And we get to do it in the knowledge of what is possible when it comes together once more.

“The first thing we have to do is give our all in this game and also to enjoy it. If we can do this, hopefully we can take another step forward.”

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