Jurgen Klopp pays emotional tribute to fans

Klopp paid tribute the traveling fans in his pre-match notes.

Jurgen Klopp has paid tribute to the traveling Liverpool fans who supported the side at Molineux in the FA Cup.

Speaking in his pre-match notes ahead of the Chelsea game Klopp praised the efforts made to get to Molineux in the hazardous weather conditions.

“There are times when you think about our supporters, even more than usual. And around midnight on Tuesday was definitely one of those moments. With snow falling heavily, temperatures dropping and late night turning into early morning, the motorway was reduced to one lane, and traffic –  much of his carrying our fans returning from Wolves – came to a standstill. It was clear no-one would be getting home soon. I should stress this straight away – none of us need this kind of scene to know the sacrifices our supporters make.”

We could not be more aware. That is why it is so important that everyone who works for this club gives everything that we possibly can for the Liverpool family. We know the money that is spent the time given up and the energy used to support our team, which means it is always a privilege for us to play for you. But as I said, these are moments when you feel this more than usual.”

“On the team bus, I thought about the time that people would walk through the front door, how many hours they would be able to sleep before having to get up for work, to take children to school, and in some cases, go to school. I also looked at the roads and the conditions in general and it brought it home to me even more.”

“Like anyone else in this kind of situation, I was not happy that the motorway was not fully open and it was definitely not ideal for us as a team, but my main thoughts were for the supporters traveling back to Liverpool and wherever else. I can only hope that everyone got back safe and sound and their journey was worthwhile.”


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