Jurgen Klopp: Our rivals know we are not completely gone

The Liverpool boss spoke to the media before the game against Manchester United in Sunday.

Credit: Liverpoolfc.com

Jurgen Klopp spoke to the media ahead of Sunday’s massive fixture against Manchester United in what is a pivotal game in Liverpool’s quest to finish in the Top Four.

Klopp warned that Liverpool still have yet to face many of the team’s above them in the league and that the race for Champions League qualification is far from over.

“They realize already that we are not completely gone. It is not that we are in No Man’s Land. We play pretty much all of the teams ahead of us still. We don’t have to think about it. Just take it game by game and go for it. Go full throttle into the game and try to win it somehow. Do not worry about the less good moments.

“That’s what I liked about the last game. I know it’s not the most fancy game we ever played. We had a difficult but good first half. It’s not like every game you are going to create chance after chance. But against a defensively organized side, you create two or three good moments. Not flying, but good.

“A lot of good things happened in the last two weeks even if with the Madrid game it doesn’t feel like that. So far it goes in the right direction but we have to make further steps. [Our rivals] know that we are still around and that’s better than if they couldn’t see us anymore.

The Liverpool boss then spoke about the United game.

“When Liverpool and United is not a special game anymore then something went wrong. Obviously I love football. I love the fuss we make of it. Liverpool, United. I want to see that. It has to be like that. Otherwise we have no right to exist anymore.

“People need to know and want to know what both clubs are doing. It’s a big game. It was always a big game since I was allowed to watch football on the television. Thank God, it still is one.”

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