Jurgen Klopp makes plea to supporters

Klopp called on supporters to keep perspective.

Jurgen Klopp has called on fans to keep perspective after a run of indifferent performances.

The Liverpool boss is well aware of the extreme opinions some can take after loses or indeed wins, particularly on social media.

Speaking in his pre-match notes Klopp made a passionate plea to supporters:

“There is an increasing tendency in football for perspective to be lost with every result, whether it is good or bad, with opinions being taken to an extreme, either way, depending on the outcome.

I understand the emotion and I certainly identify with the passion but these dramatic mood-swings are not something we can afford to get caught up in, no matter how big they might be to some around us.

Our defeat at Brentford earlier in the week was a bad result, there is no question about that. We did not perform as well as we needed to as a team and I include myself in this assessment, first and foremost. So the outcome was what you should expect if you do not play to your potential against an opponent that is ready to take advantage of any weaknesses. Credit to Brentford, they did this and their victory was deserved. But from our perspective, we know we needed to be much better. We can do nothing about the reaction that followed in certain quarters. Our job did not change and nor did I responsibility. As with every single game we play, the aftermath is a combination of recovery, introspection, analysis, and training with a view to improvement. This process is so, so important, which means we cannot allow distractions to creep in our external voices to find their way into the training ground. If we have created problems for ourselves it is just and us alone who can find the solutions.”

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