Jurgen Klopp: “I know in a dreamland you would just buy players..”

Klopp seemed to rule out any incomings

Credit: Liverpool FC

Jurgen Klopp seems to have ruled out any future signings in the January transfer window. He was asked in his pre-match press conference ahead of Liverpool’s trip to Brighton if he envisages any more signings during this window.

Klopp on potential signings:

“I don’t think so. My job is to use the boys we have, that’s it. 

You cannot solve all problems in the transfer window. I know in a dreamland you would just buy players and bring them in but I don’t see that coming.”

Klopp also said that Roberto Firmino is “not close” to returning to training after he had a reoccurrence of his initial injury.

Klopp admitted that Liverpool are not ‘the most shiny star’ at the moment.

The Liverpool manager was again asked later by Carl Markham about potential signings and if finances were an issue:

“Do I have to tell you the money story again? What could be the reason? That we have money like crazy but we don’t buy the players even if they are available? Why are you asking questions when the answer is on the table? On top of that (finances) four of our offensive players are injured, they will come back. We will have seven strikers then, we can’t even put them all on the Champions League list. Injuries are a big shadow over us. You cannot solve it all in the transfer window, sometimes you have to. If somebody is out there and someone tells me yes we can do it then we will do it, but for this situation, I don’t think it will happen.”

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