Jurgen Klopp heaps praise on particular Manchester United star ahead of this weekend

Liverpool boss hails Manchester United star.

Image Credits: Getty Images.

In his pre-match press conference, Jurgen Klopp held back on his praise for this rejuvenated Manchester United outfit but singled out red-hot Marcus Rashford as a standout performer of late.

Klopp admired Manchester United’s campaign so far and struggled to pick out a player who looks out of place in their set-up.

“They play a better season than us so far but thank God that means absolutely nothing for Sunday. We have to show it is incredibly difficult to face us,” he said.

“Go through the team, how could they not be good. Tell me one player you saw ‘oh, what is he doing there?’.”

“Super experience players came in, like Eriksen and Casemiro. They were all over the world, especially Casemiro, everywhere successful. I think everybody knew how good a player Eriksen is,”

“Rashford is in the form of his life. If that’s the case, then for sure influenced by Erik ten Hag as well but when my players perform well, it’s not like I feel, well, I did that so Erik will allow that Rashford is a real talent.

Klopp put bitter rivalries aside and mentioned he is delighted to see Englishman Marcus Rashford is playing as well as he is and thinks he is at the peak of his powers.

“It’s impossible to be positive about something at Manchester United when you are Liverpool manager, but I am happy for Rashford,” Klopp said at the press conference.

“He is playing incredible. Speed, calm, a mix of everything.”

Despite their rivals’ brilliant run of form and Marcus Rashford firing on all cylinders, Klopp reiterated the fact that this fixture has that extra bite and that third-placed Manchester United still have a hefty problem on their hands this Sunday.

His praise for the English international comes about one month after his comments where he hailed Rashford as one of the “best examples” for his players to try and emulate.

The Liverpool boss, however, cooly ushered the fact that Liverpool are no pushovers.

“But again, they have to play us. And I would like to show that that’s different.”

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