Jurgen Klopp heaps praise on Darwin Nunez after Wolves performance

The Uraguayan was electric last night.

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Darwin Nunez impressed in last night’s game against Wolves which saw Liverpool come out as 2-0 victors.

Although Nunez didn’t score or assist, the Uraguayan did not give the Wolves defence a moment’s peace and was quite unlucky to have a goal ruled out after VAR intervened.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was thrilled with Nunez’s performance and praised the Uraguayan as a “proper threat” in his post-match press conference

“I would say he is really getting there. Everybody can see he is just a handful, just a proper threat. Again, the [disallowed] goal he scored was a super reaction, a super finish.”

“The runs he had, one again down the line; in the end cross doesn’t arrive but [it was] pretty similar to the Everton goal, if you want. Using his speed in both directions, offensively and defensively”, said Klopp.

“He is really good. He is still a young boy and I think everyone can see he will get there, there is no doubt about it, but he is already for us super-important. I think you all saw the [disallowed] goal now a couple of times back and when you see it in slow-motion you see the contact then, but I still think it was a goal, but that’s not important anymore.

“Especially, players don’t have a replay and for them it’s a clear goal of course. Then you have to react. I was not worried but of course then you watch it, how the boys react – and the reaction was really good.”

Liverpool jumped up to the top six in the table achieved their fourth clean sheet in a row domestically in the Premier League.

It was an important victory and exactly what the team required ahead of the fixture against Manchester United at the weekend.

Klopp on the United game:[tps_title][/tps_title]

“That’s what we need again on Sunday, but of course it will be difficult. Again, if you face United at the weekend whichever result you’ve had before, either way you have to strike back or whatever, but now we have to use it for our general situation. We have to build on the performance and on the result – and we try everything to do exactly that.”


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