Jamie Redknapp: ‘I still expect Liverpool to get top four’

Redknapp is still optimistic that The Reds can end season on a high note.

Image Credits: Sky Sports

Sky Sports pundit and former England, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jamie Redknapp that Jurgen Klopp’s men can still get top four.

Speaking after the 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace, Redknapp acknowledged that the season so far has been far from ideal however he’s still optimistic that The Reds can end on a high note.

“I’m pleased Wilf Zaha didn’t play today, honestly. The way Liverpool defended, someone like him could have unlocked the door,” said Redknapp.

“I think, with Liverpool right now, that’s the performance I expected from them. They’re fragile, their confidence is extremely low, they’re not playing with any freedom.

“The clean sheet is obviously a plus, because when you concede five in midweek you obviously have to dig in. But it’s tough times at the moment.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a point gained because teams around them like Spurs will think that’s a good result for them, but right now it’s just about slowly building their confidence back again.

“Liverpool had the odd chance here and there but they didn’t really do enough. And right now that’s just where they’re at. In the summer there has to be changes but you can’t worry about that.”

Liverpool’s next two games are going to be crucial if they’re to turn their Premier League season around. The first is against Wolverhampton Wanderers on Wednesday and then arch-rivals Manchester United four days later on Sunday. With both games being at Anfield, Redknapp sees this as potentially season defining matches.

“Liverpool’s season is almost going to ride on these next two games,” he said. “When you identify games as a Liverpool player, they are the ones that can determine a season, especially when you’re in a situation where you’re a little bit fragile.

“Everything can turn if they win on March 5 (vs Man Utd) and win in midweek. All of a sudden, the top four becomes a realistic ambition, which I still think they can do.

“They’ve got to win these next two home games. They’ve got to find that belief and confidence at home, because a little bit will have been knocked away with that [Real Madrid] performance. But they are games that I really believe will make all the difference.

“You can’t get into the situation where you’ve played every single game last year, you’ve got to the cup finals you got to, and all of a sudden become a bad side. They are damaged, the confidence is low, but I still think they are capable of getting top four with that squad.”

Speculation has been rife over what the summer will bring. It’s been highly documented that Liverpool haven’t signed a midfielder for a while now. Even before you take into consideration the futures of the likes of James Milner, Naby Keita and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, many have been clamouring for the owners to provide funds to Jurgen Klopp to overhaul the middle of the park.

Jude Bellingham has been touted at the one that Liverpool are eyeing and reports suggest that he’s happy to sign with Liverpool. Redknapp believes the likes of Bellingham and other top players will still want to come to Anfield – citing parallels of recently struggling Manchester United as an example.

“They will still get the best, even if they don’t get top four,” added Redknapp. “Manchester United have never had that problem, buying the big players.

“I think the owners will spend. I think they know what they need to do. I think if Jurgen Klopp didn’t believe that, he wouldn’t stay there either. I think they will, whether it’s these owners or investors.

“They get a lot of stick, these owners, but they’ve backed the manager as well and he knows that. He’s never once complained about the players they’ve bought. What you might say is, have they bought players they really need? Did they really need Cody Gakpo right now?’

“But players will always want to go there. They will still be able to get the best. Jude Bellingham will look at Liverpool and look at Klopp as a viable option because of what he will bring and how much he can improve.

“It’s not going to be easy sign him because every club wants him, but that’s the sort of player you’ve got to be looking for if you want to improve and start challenging again.

“As low as it’s been for Liverpool at times, you’re never that far away. You’re only one or two players away. Look at what Manchester United have done all of a sudden with Ten Hag. He’s brought in a couple of players, there’s a bit of belief again, and all of a sudden they’re flying high.

“With Liverpool, Fabinho is only 29 but he looks like he’s gone over the edge. Maybe they need to find a young defensive midfield player to fill that void. But I still feel they will get in the top four, and that next year they will be challenging again.”

Many LFC fans have drawn similarities between this season and the one a couple of years ago, when a late push propelled Liverpool out of nowhere into one of the top for UEFA Champions League places in the English Premier League. Liverpool fans will be hoping that Redknapp’s positivity will rub off on the team and help them repeat their previous success again this season.

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