Jamie Carraghers cheeky 7 jokes to Man United Legend on live TV

Carragher still basking in Liverpool’s 7-0 demolition job of Man United

Credit: Paramount

Jamie Carragher is still enjoying Liverpool’s 7-0 thrashing of Manchester United at the weekend.

Working as a pundit for Paramount last night for Chelsea’s match against Dortmund, Carragher had many seven jokes for fellow colleague, Peter Schmeichel.

It first started when Carragher sat drinking from a 7up can and moved into many taunts against the former United goalkeeper.

He highlighted the date, saying to Schmeichel “”We’re getting into March, the 7th of March. It feels like these games are cut-throat, like I said, into March on the seventh. How important does it feel being at the Bridge.”

Next, when Schmeichel misheard a question, Carragher asked another, saying “Jude Bellingham is there and he’s a superstar, and we feel he’s maybe going to move on in the summer.

“What type of price tag are we talking? Who knows how big that will be, you have to think it will start at least with a seven?”

Later he kept taunting Schmeichel, turning his attention to the Spurs Milan match.

“Peter, you’re going to be at AC Milan tomorrow (Wednesday), AC Milan vs Tottenham. I mean AC Milan, how big a problem would that be if they go out? We are talking about the seven-time winners of the Champions League.”

The topic of discussion then went on the Erik ten Hag.

“I’ve been trying to make sense of this since then,” Schmeichel said. “I still have no idea how that can happen, because it shouldn’t happen”.

“I think [Erik] ten Hag has said it – it was embarrassing, it was unprofessional and it can never happen again. So I hope he’s right and I hope he gets things right.”

Carragher then replied: “Peter, you’ve just called him ‘Ten Hag’. It’s actually ‘Seven Hag!'”

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