Jamie Carragher on what Jurgen Klopp needs to rebuild

Carragher was speaking ahead of Tottenham vs Manchester City on Sky Sports

Jamie Carragher spoke to Sky Sports ahead of Tottenham vs Manchester City and the ex-Liverpool centre back stated he believed Jurgen Klopp needs ‘four or five players’ rebuild the side.

Carragher backed Klopp and said “I would change everybody at Liverpool Football Club before I would change Jurgen Klopp.”

Carragher speaking to Sky Sports:

I think they lost three on the bounce now away from home, and not just lost, lost badly.

No disrespect to those teams (Brighton, Brentford and Wolves). They’re not the biggest teams in the world. It’s not like coming here (Tottenham) or Manchester City.

Carragher was asked what is happening at Liverpool right now…

Well, a lot of people scratching their heads, it’s maybe something to get into at the end of Super Sunday.  I’ll see how today goes (laughs). I’m keeping my powder dry.

They (Liverpool) look a million miles off where they have been the last few years and I think you’re trying to work how why and we’ve all being all doing that all season, but it doesn’t feel like it’s getting any better and Klopp had tried everything in terms of playing the experience players, playing younger players, change of formations nothing’s working.

It almost just feels like you just got to crawl and hang on, get to the summer and sort of maybe in a transfer market.”

Carragher was asked if Jurgen Klopp could go again and rebuild Liverpool…

I would change everybody else in the football club before changing Jurgen Klopp.

When Jurgen Klopp first came in Liverpool were 6th or 7th in the league.

Any manager coming in to Liverpool will need to rebuild. I don’t think it’s a case is just buying one player. People keep talking about ‘oh, bring Jude Bellingham in’. I think the longer it goes each week and it feels like it is a bigger than sort of one or two players. It feels like it might actually be four or five that needs to come in. You talk about the manager’s situation.

Any manager at Liverpool starting next season would have to do that. So, For me Jurgen Klopp has produced miracles at times for Liverpool.

You can question Jurgen Klopp. How has it got to this?  He is part of that. With the recruitment team. How is it gone from almost winning four trophies last season to 10th in the league right now. There’s a lot of questions that need to be asked a lot of answers that need to be found.

But at the start of next season I don’t think there is any manager any Liverpool fan would want in that dug our apart from Jurgen Klopp.”

Jamie Carragher then spoke at full-time:

“I do not blame FSG one bit for what is happening at Liverpool. People will now say I’m an apologist but I look at the staff, the players and the recruitment team.

“There was money there for a midfield player, the lad from Real Madrid they tried to sign for 60-70 million. Jürgen Klopp and the recruitment team then decided to not buy a midfield player. That is on them.”

“There’s been no ex player who has ever been more critical of this ownership than me. Ticket prices, furloughing staff and the Super League but you have to look at it properly.

The reason I go back to the recruitment team is because for the last 4/5 years, everyone has been using Liverpool as their model. Buy cheap, sell high. What Liverpool have been the best at is actually selling.”

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