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Jamie Carragher: “Klopp will want £250 million and Liverpool need it”

Jamie Carragher believes that Jurgen Klopp has told the owners that he needs £200m+ to spend in the summer.

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Image Credit: Sky Sports

Last nights EFL Cup clash was broadcast live on Sky Sports and, in the build up to the game, Liverpool legend and Sky Sports presenter Jamie Carragher was asked about FSG’s transfer market intentions.

With news that FSG are looking into a potential sale of the club, Micah Richards asks Carragher whether they’d want to spend money on the likes of Jude Bellingham if their intention is to sell the club.

Responding to the question, Carragher said: “It’s interesting whether it’s a sale or an investment. I think there’s no doubt that Jurgen Klopp has said to Liverpool’s owners ‘I need £200m-£250m to spend in the summer’.

“That sounds like an outrageous figure but that’s what Manchester United and Chelsea spent last summer. So these are the figures that the teams Liverpool are competing with are spending.

“I think probably once in Jurgen Klopp’s tenure have Liverpool really gone for it in the transfer market, I think it was just after the first Champions League final game, they bought a lot of players.

“And I think it needs that now, I think we’re talking about that type of investment. I don’t think FSG have those funds right now and that’s why they’re looking at investment to come in to help them.”

Elaborating further on criticism of FSG and comparisons with ownership models of the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United or Paris Saint Germain, Carragher praised the ownership record of FSG and, “It’s completely different. There is criticism of the owners because they don’t put more money in but when they came into the club, they never proclaimed to be an Abramovich or what we have here at City.

“It was ‘run the club right and Liverpool spend the money that they bring into the club’. Now, that’s what they’ve done, they’ve done a fantastic job, brought Jurgen Klopp in, three Champions League finals, they’ve now got a completely revamped stadium, new training ground.

“So they’ve done a fantastic job, FSG, but can they compete with the other teams financially? No, so that’s why they need help for someone to come in and invest.”

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