Jamie Carragher jokes he will do anything for Jude Bellingham

Bellingham was interviewed by CBS Sports

Credit: CBS Sports

Jude Bellingham was interviewed last night by CBS Sports after Dortmund’s 1-0 win over Chelsea. Bellingham had one of his quieter displays but he showed his class at times. Ex-Liverpool man Emre Can was fantastic, his performance included a goal-line clearance late on.

Jamie Carragher joked after the game he would do whatever Jude Bellingham tells him.

“Listen, I want that man in a red shirt so I’m going to do whatever he tells me to do!” Carragher joked.

“So if Jude Bellingham has got any more advice for me, I’m taking it all day my friend!”

Richards responded: “You sound quite desperate right now.”

Carragher replied: “For Jude Bellingham? I am! We are!”

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