James Milner reveals hilarious Nat Phillips story

Milner revealed that phones are banned from the dinner table when the squad get together

James Milner was the first guest on Liverpool’s new official podcast ‘We are Liverpool’.

Joined alongside Peter McDowall and Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler Milner revealed that mobile phones are banned from the dinner table when the squad get together.

Milner then shared a funny story about Nat Phillips and Stefan Bajcetic: “We had a funny one the other day. Stefan left his phone on the bus. Nat Phillips brought it off and he pulled me at dinner. He’s like ‘get on this’. He set an alarm every five minutes to go off during dinner.

“The first one goes off and I’m like ‘are you joking you? 17 years old and your phone’s going off’. Everybody’s kicking off. I’ve got it on the watch and the next five minutes is up and it’s going off again. He’s like ‘no! no! no!’ panicking like anything. He cottoned on after the second one.”

Milner then went on to speak about Liverpool’s trophy parade after losing the Champions league Final to Real Madrid in Paris:

“You’re starting early on and with what didn’t happen – winning the two last trophies – you might lock eyes with somebody there in the crowd and you feel like you’ve let the fans down. You’ve tried to win the Prem and you’ve tried to win the Champions League and you’ve fallen short, but they’ve come out and given you that support.

“But it was important that we did it (parade) regardless, because we had to make that decision before we knew. The amount of money spent travelling around, the support they gave us going all over Europe. We won the title after so long after being desperate to do it and couldn’t celebrate together. It was important that we did it as a thank you to them.

“It was needed on both sides. We hadn’t managed to celebrate the league title and it was needed as a pick-me-up for the boys as well. When I signed there was still a massive hangover. The year we nearly won the league, so many times it came up and I think it was a big problem. What’s your biggest regrets or lows in your career – I’d probably say not celebrating the league title with Liverpool.”

Milner was then asked if he still feels the hurt from the loss he replied: “Yes it does. 100 percent.”

James Milner also revealed that after Liverpool lost the Europa League Final Jurgen Klopp was not going to allow anyone any time to feel sorry for themselves:

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