It’s about signing elite players – Reds legend criticises lack of recruitment

Fowler spoke to the Liverpool Echo

Liverpool failed to strengthen its midfield in January despite the area obviously needing addressing.

Cody Gakpo was the only arrival in the winter window. He has yet to make an impact. Gakpo came to club during a difficult spell and this should be taken into account when judging his early performances. At Brighton in the FA Cup glimpses of his talent was on show.

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler believes that the Reds could be “going backwards.”

I think Jurgen is well within his rights to think they can progress and grow and when you are building strong teams – or when you’re top of the league – it’s about strengthening in the areas you think [you need it]. Or not even the areas, just strengthening all aspects of the side.


“That is one of the things that I think annoys me now more with football clubs is actually you’re looking at players to come in and I don’t even think you’re looking at specific positions, I think you should be bringing players in just to keep everyone on their toes.”

“If you’re resting on your laurels, if you like, then someone can come in and take your place in the team and do that job to make it hard for you to get back into the team,” he the Liverpool Echo.

“And I think all clubs who have aspirations should be doing that and it is about signing elite players.

“Certainly when you’re on top of your game, I don’t mean this in a disrespectful manner, but if you’re not signing players, I think you are going backwards.”

“Other teams around you are signing players, so you’re not even staying still, you’re dropping down a peg or two because they are trying to up maybe two steps. So I think it’s imperative and massively important that Liverpool bring players in.”


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