“It will be a revolution” – Fabrizio Romano speaks on the future of Liverpool

Fabrizio Romano has shared his thoughts on where the future of Liverpool lies once Jurgen Klopp has left the club.

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Last Friday, Jurgen Klopp announced that he would be leaving his post as first-team Liverpool manager at the end of the season.

Despite signing a contract extension in 2022 which would keep him at the Reds until at least 2026, Klopp claimed he is ‘running out of energy.’

I am running out of energy,” he said.

I am a normal guy, I just don’t live a normal life for too long now. I don’t want to wait until I am too old for having a normal life.

I need to at least give it a try to see how it is. “It is the right moment for me and it is the right moment for the club.”

I’m not happy with it, I just know it’s right.

Although the announcement came as a shock to many fans, Klopp had informed FSG of his decision back in November.

If he manages to bring back one or even two of these accolades, his legendary status within Liverpool will be even more cemented.

What Fabrizio Romano had to say about the future of Liverpool after Jurgen Klopp

As with any major announcement in football, rumours are thrown around with players and manager being linked to and from their respective clubs.

As the impact of Jurgen Klopp whilst in charge of Liverpool has been substantial, there are plenty of rumours flying around in regard to who will be the next manager of the Reds.

It has also thrown the future of many Liverpool stars into question with Virgil Van Dijk even admitting he “doesn’t know” what he will choose to do.

Fabrizio Romano shared his thoughts on life at Liverpool post Jurgen Klopp and he expects there to be a “revolution.”

I think it’s completely normal. As Van Dijk said, Liverpool need new director, new manager, new staff…it will be a revolution inside the club,” Romano stated.

“So it’s impossible to know what’s next for the players who are out of contract in June 2025. Step by step. New director, then new manager, then time to make important decisions.

“It’s the same with Thiago Alcantara, who is out of contract at the end of this season.

“It’s too early to say for now what will happen – if you don’t have a manager/director, no one is making these kinds of decisions.

However, it won’t just be the managerial and coaching staff that will be chopped and changed.

Much like Van Dijk, the players at the club will also have to think about their future.

Thiago Alcantara is one of those players whose future is up in the air as his contract expired this years.

Romano believes that his future won’t be decided until a new team are announced to take over.

“We have to wait for new director and new manager in order for them to meet, discuss and decide on players’ futures including Thiago Alcantara,” Romano continued.

“It was quiet so far on his contract extension, but now there will be new people in.

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