INTERVIEW: Moises Caicedo to Liverpool?

We spoke to Diego Lovato of on the news that the site broke on the Ecuadorian international.

Earlier today Ecuadorian site shared the news that Liverpool are attempting to sign Moises Caicedo from Brighton.

We spoke to Diego Lovato of on the news.

Hi Diego,

Teradeportes broke the news in September that Liverpool made a late bid for Moisés Caicedo. Tell us more about this?

Hello Dave,

Yes, the coach Jurgen Klopp had a review from the scouting team, that was following the Ecuadorian at the same time that others teams were doing it, like Brighton and Manchester United, but a that time the team didn’t pass from the scouting. (Caicedo was playing at Independiente del Valle at the time).

Klopp saw the Ecuadorian playing in the Premier League and saw that he has a great reading of the field. Great timing and great use of the ball at his feet. Because of that reason he wanted him for the team and requested Liverpool to make a bid before the World Cup. The bid was way below the asking but at the same time it was the only formal bid.

Today you broke the news that Liverpool made an offer for Caicedo yesterday. What was Brighton’s response?

As it was a formal bid, Brighton gave the word that after the World Cup Liverpool will have the priority in any transfer.

You also stated Liverpool will make another offer? Tell us more 

Our information is that Brighton received a new formal bid from Liverpool again with a higher price than the one in September, but still lower that the €70M that Brighton wants.

After analysing the numbers of Liverpool’s bid, Brighton response was, ‘they need a better one (bid) with more money up front because the bid was low with too many in bonuses. At the same time they need a higher bid along with improving the structure.


What other clubs are interested?

No other team has made a formal bid, but there is intentions from Arsenal who asked for his price and Chelsea. They (Chelsea) considered the Ecuadorian to be worth €45M after the World Cup.

What makes this transfer difficult?

In this negotiation there is a big problem. The number of agents. As the Ecuadorian has a big price, everyone wants to win big, if Brighton say yes, Liverpool will have to sit down to negotiate for the player’s salary with one, two or up to three agents. We know that there is someone advising Caicedo to cut roots and find only one to representing him.

Where would Caicedo like to play?

Caicedo from childhood likes Manchester United because admires Antonio Valencia, but he feels that they didn’t believe in him and was worth the money that Independiente del Valle were asking from him in the beginning.

When he was in vacation in Ecuador between friends said that he will play for any team like he is playing for Ecuador, because he wants to put the Ecuador’s name very high.

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