IMAGE: See the latest photo of the Anfield Road expansion

The expanded stand continues to take shape.

Image Credits: Getty Images

Liverpool’s heavily stalled Anfield Road expansion project is near the end of its completion.

The redevelopment work on the Anfield Road Stand stalled heavily when the original contractors, Buckingham Group, fell into administration.

Although Liverpool were able to hire Rayner Rowen Construction Group to finish off the job, the administration meant that the Anfield hierarchy could not fully open the stand for any home games so far this season.

Now new images have surfaced online showing construction workers continuing to fill the remaining gaps with seats.

The concrete stair-like structures show where seats still need to be installed, while the surrounding red is where seats have already been placed.

The new stand is expected to be fully operational for when Liverpool host Everton in the Merseyside Derby on October 21.

See the image below…



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